You Need to Keep Up With the Website Link Building Exercise Because ...

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Dec 05 2012

Many startup businesses look at their website link building efforts in a curious way. It's something they hate to do, but they'll put up with it for a short time until their website gets a little bit of momentum. It's like you're always waiting for the time that they can finally stop bothering with this tiresome old link building exercise.

But you know what – you don't ever stop with the website link building exercise. The Internet is a dynamic place. There's always someone or the other doing something or the other to try to get Google's attention. It's a place where you have to keep running to get ahead; and keep running even to stay where you are not go backwards.

The thing is, Google only thinks that you deserve a spot at the top if you constantly seem relevant to other people. If other people seem to constantly think that you matter enough for them to post links to you, only then do you exist for Google. Stop investing in this website link building exercise even for a short time, and the slide will begin.

Still not convinced that you need to invest in this? Look at everything that can be yours should you decide to get with the program.

Now it's quite likely that even if you are ranking at the top, that you're only doing that for a couple of your main keywords. Never do you rank at the top for everything that your website is targeted at, without trying very hard. In other words, you can always get better. And you should – because for every small business, the higher up they are, the more profits they make.

If you do find that you are ranking well for the keywords that you are targeting yourself at, that's no reason to stop with the link building. Try to find more keywords to rank for. And anyway, if you don't keep working at this, the people who are behind you in the search engine rankings really are working hard at this too. They're going to dance past you any minute.

When you do work hard and get your links, you may be disappointed to know that those links aren't forever. A lot of these little blogs and websites that you get links from often shut down, or they take away those pages altogether. You don't want to depend on the things you already links that you already have. They aren't a given.

And finally, your best reason to keep at it – Google may change its algorithms tomorrow and you could lose your top spot. The only permanent thing that you can't ever take for granted with search engine rankings is that back links buy you authority. Should some algorithm change in Google lose you your top spot, you don't want to scramble then they get more back links so that you can get back up.

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