You Do Need to Learn to Use a Website Analyzer

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Dec 02 2012

Small businesses struggling along with their small websites may not quite believe it, but even huge companies that have worldwide recognition do constantly scrutinize their websites to see how they are doing. And they make changes based on the insights they gain through their analysis. As a small business owner, to analyze your website regularly and to apply the lessons of what you learn to tweaking your website, should be considered absolutely essential. There are a number of website analyzer tools available that you could make use of. Because small businesses arer often completely dependent on the success of their websites far more than large businesses are.

Now many small business owners don't really understand how web analytics works. They often feel that if they could only get a few tools to give them a few numbers, that they could learn something from them. Often though, that's not the case. The numbers and the data that these tools spit out can only make sense to someone who understands how these things work. In general, the website analyzer tools that you use aren't where you should really focus your attention. You need to think instead about the kind of interpretive skills that you need to hire to make sure that your tools are properly used. You don't want to end up being like a person who buys a great set of drums and then thinks that he is almost there. Those drums are no use unless you put in about 5 years of practice.

So now that you have hopefully taken this piece of advice to heart, let's take a look at some of the best website analyzer tools that there are.

Without a doubt, Google Analytics, the free tool that Google provides to website owners, is about the most useful website analyzer ever. It is regularly used by more than half of all the top websites in the world. When you make use of this tool, you get very detailed information about what your website is doing. You get to see what parts of the world your website's visitors mainly come in from, and so on. With time, you'll see all kinds of new ways in which you can use your Google Analytics account. While you're at it, you can also open a Yahoo Web Analytics account.

Crazy Egg is about the most fun that the website analyzer toolkit ever get. The tool tries to follow every page that a visitor visits when he comes on your website, and what he clicks. When you watch what your clients do, you get a pretty good idea of where they like to look at the most. It's a great way to spy on your unsuspecting visitors.

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