You Can See Your Floor Lamps In a New Light With New Lampshades,

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Dec 11 2012

Floor lamps can rise and fall on the strength of how beautiful their lampshades are. It certainly is a surprise to many the kind of difference their choice of lampshades can make to the impact that their floor lamps make. A well-chosen lampshade can often make a floor lamp look all-new, and it can completely change even how you perceive the decor of room. In fact, it would be a great money-saving idea to buy ordinary, dull-as-dishwater floor lamps for cheap and then to trick them out in beautiful lampshades. You could even switch them around once a week and you would get a spectacular effect. Know how interior decorators are always telling you how important the lighting is to how your room turns out? Well, you could say pretty much the same thing about your lampshades as well.

Lampshades can gather dust and soot and just completely lose their look in a matter of weeks. And it's a real problem, of course. Fabric that sits out there will most certainly gather dust. If you dust regularly, a lot of it will still work its way into the fabric, and things are going to look grimy before long. What do you do then if you do love the look of fabric? Well, the answer could be to buy laminated lampshades. They also call these hardback shades – they take a paper or fabric lampshade, and they cover it inside-out in plastic. Surprisingly, these are actually cheaper than the regular fabric shades. Plastic doesn't really stand up well to heat. You will find within a year or two, that the lamination does tend to crack and yellow. But until then, you could have a very clean shade.

Silk and paper shades are very popular too. They don't fashion shades out of these materials directly though. They use them over elaborately-shaped wireframes. So you can have these lampshades in just about any shape that you might choose.

When you go shopping for lampshades for your floor lamps, you will find that the salespeople ask you about what size of lampshade you're looking for. How do you answer that question?

Typically, lampshades are measured in three ways. They measure the width of the opening at the top, they measure the opening across the bottom, and they measure how long the slant is from top to bottom. If you want to get shades that are the exact same size as the original that came with your floor lamps, you could just use those measurements. When they ask you what size of lampshade you want, typically, they want to know how wide the bottom opening of your shade is.

You'll also need to pay attention to what kind of lampshade fitting mechanism your floor lamps use. Usually, most lampshades use something called a washer fitter mechanism. You could easily take a picture of your lampshade to the store when you go shopping.

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