What Makes For the Best Nail Strengthener

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Dec 01 2012

Giving yourself a manicure or pedicure can take a lot of time. What makes the process as time-consuming as it is? Well, to begin with, many women don't have good, strong material building up their nails. When there are chips and the areas of breakage and unevenness, a manicure can be a bit difficult to do well. And then, going about working on your nails very quickly can cause a few areas of breakage on its own. The answer to making it easy on yourself when you give yourself a manicure then, would be to find the best nail strengthener out there and to use it regularly.

The first thing that you need to do is to gain a little understanding of how nail strengtheners actually work. There are basically two kinds – the reinforcing and cross-linking varieties. Reinforcing strengtheners work by forming a kind of shell on the outside of each nail. The shell protects your nails by giving them extra support. Cross-linking strengtheners seep into the each nail and they give them more structural support from within. Needless to say, these make for one of the best nail strengthener products. The downside to their effectiveness is the fact that these products tend to harden your nails to such a degree that they may become brittle. But it really depends on how your nails react to the substance.

Apart from these two, there is a third choice actually that manages to strengthen your nails without making anything brittle. They call them nail strengthening cream. When you use this cream on your nails, it hydrates you nails and keeps them strong and supple.

The question then is, what makes for the best nail strengthener – a hydrator or a hardener?

Basically, both cross-linking strengtheners and hydrators have their own uses. If you are in a hurry, and you need help quickly getting your brittle nails manicured, a cross-linking product would easily work for you. If you have time to help your nails develop a stronger structure, then certainly by all means, a hydrator or both could be great. If you can give it time to work, there's quite nothing like it.

How do you know which kind of nail strengthener a product is? Well, if it contains calcium or formaldehyde, it's easily a cross-linking strengthener. It has nylon or sulfhydryl listed on the ingredients label, that's a reinforcer.

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