Vacuum Crevice Tool

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Apr 27 2011

Vacuuming is something you must do in your home not matter what type of flooring you have. Those with no carpets can sweep and mop, but there is always a time when nothing will work quite as well as a vacuum cleaner. Along with the most common part of your vacuum, the large head with a beater bar, there are other things that you can use to clean your home, not just your floor. You may find that your vacuum crevice tool is very handing for both floors and the rest of your home as well. If you want clean, this is a must have tool for any home.

Most vacuums come with a hose that you can use for attachments. If yours does not, you need to go out and get one that does. To this hose you can add all types of attachments so that you can perform certain cleaning tasks and reach areas that the regular part of the vacuum cleaner will not reach. There are many great uses for these attachments. Most come with a tool that has a brush attached. This is typically called a fabric brush. You can use this to clean all of your furniture and even your drapes.

The vacuum crevice tool is also an attachment that goes on the end of your hose. This tools is even more useful than the fabric brush. When you clean the furniture, make sure you take the vacuum crevice tool and use it deep inside your items. This gets dirt and dust that you can not get out with anything else. You can even clean the seams of your throw pillows if they have been gathering dust. Use this on your dining room chairs too.

Your vacuum can do a good job, but it can not reach the edges and nooks and crannies like you need. The vacuum crevice tool is sometimes called an edger because that is what it does. This can suck up things in the cracks of your hardwoods, along the walls, and under your appliances that you can not get up any other way. This works better than sweeping or mopping. The shape of the crevice tool focuses the suction power of your vacuum so that it is powerful in a tiny area where anything else may not pick up all that is there.

If you don't have a vacuum crevice tool to go with your current vacuum, you can usually find one to fit the model that you have. Most hoses that come with all vacuums are about the same size, so you may find that any crevice tool that you can buy separately may fit, but that is not always the case. The best bet is to find one that claims to be universal, or to contact the manufacturer of your vacuum cleaner to find out where to get the tool that is going to fit and work well with your vacuum. It is a small plastic accessory, but it is an amazing cleaning tool for floors, furniture, and even dusting up high.

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