Unwanted pregnancies

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Oct 29 2010

Pregnancies are beautiful when they occur at the right time and with the right partner. However, many a time, women find them in tight spots when they discover they have an unwanted pregnancy. This can be an utterly confusing time for a woman and she may feel stressed by his predicament. Unwanted pregnancies are not so as per se as they can be prevented but when they occur, women are not left with many choices. Abstinence has been an all time control when it comes to unwanted pregnancies. Keeping off sex ensures that a woman does not get unwanted pregnancies, which can harm her well-being. It is important to ensure that pregnancy happens when one is emotionally, financially, and physically ready.

Prevention is less traumatic and fundamentally, the better option since a woman will not have to worry about an uncertain future for both her baby and herself. An old adage also verifies that prevention is indeed better than cure. Birth control methods that include pills, condoms, and intrauterine devices which when carefully used reduce the risk of succumbing to an unwanted pregnancy. Emergency contraceptives have been designed to stop a pregnancy from occurring hours after unprotected sexual intercourse. They are known to prevent pregnancy if taken within 72 hours since a woman had unprotected sex. This way, the risk of an unwanted pregnancy is reduced. Unwanted pregnancy can result from a failed birth control method, ill planning, or rape. This is where a woman has to weigh her options and decide on what seems the best action at that time.

Some of the options that a woman with an unwanted pregnancy will have include giving off the baby for adoption or procuring an abortion. Before settling for either, it is important for a woman to analyze the pros and cons. When one settles for adoption, she could be one-step away towards giving an infertile couple a gift of a lifetime. Many couples out there would give anything to have a child they can call their own through whatever means. When a woman is carrying a baby knowing there is someone willing to take care of it, the burden will become lighter and she will carry the pregnancy positively. It is important for the expectant woman to ensure that her baby is going to a proper home where she will be taken care of.

The other option is abortion, which involves terminating the pregnancy. Women looking at having an abortion need to know the methods used and the repercussions as well. These repercussions are both physical and psychological and one requires to be well informed to know what they are in for. To be able to make an informed decision on how to handle an unwanted pregnancy, one will have to visit a counselor who is well averse with this to offer them the best solutions. It is important to get the best doctors since abortions are known to backfire if conducted by non-professionals. This can risk a woman's life and the possibility to conceive in future.

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