Understanding Termite Behaivour

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Aug 25 2010

If you are a homeowner, you own any type of man-made structure, or you are a farmer, having an understanding of the common termite is essential. The common termite can cause unbelievable damage to both structures made of wood as well as plant material since their main food sources are dead plant material. That includes wood, leaves, fruits, vegetables, and basically anything that has gone “past its prime” and is fodder for their teensy tiny stomachs.

When you have an understanding as to how the termite feeds and where they are most commonly found, you will be better able to control them and minimize the damage that they are able to cause. You see, understanding a termite will help arm you with information that can help you know better how to combat these pests and get them away from that which you hold dear whether it be your home, your business, or your fields.

If you are trying to get an understanding of the termite, you should realize that termites live in colonies much like ants. These colonies are ruled by queens and they have a specific hierarchy of jobs that each termite does. As far as who determines which termites do which jobs is a mystery to us humans, but they do each have a certain job that they are expected to do within the colony.

The queen termite rules the colony and lets all of the other termites what they need to do to keep their society functioning. To have a complete understanding of the termite society, you should also know that there is a king within the colony as well. This is totally unlike the ant colonies as they are ruled simply by a queen. Within the termite colony, the understanding is similar to that of us humans – their decisions rule.

After the king and queen, in the termite colony, you will have workers. These termites are responsible for foraging for food, bringing it back to where the nest is, and storing the food so that the rest of the colony members can use it for nourishment later. The termite colony also has soldiers who are responsible for defending the colony against predators. Even though many people consider termites pests – which they are – they are still living creatures dedicated to surviving no matter how devastating they can be to humans and their structures and crops. The soldiers will do what they have to do in order to make sure that the colony survives.

In getting an understanding of the termite, you will need to get all kinds of information so that you know how to combat them. Remember that there are soldier termites out there, and they will do what they have to in order to make sure that the colony survives. However, when you have a better understanding of how the termite colony works, you will have more tools to keep them from devastating your home and your life.

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