Tips on Buying Expat Health Insurance

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Dec 05 2012

Even if it were only regular health insurance that you were buying, you really would still consider how convenient a product it was that you were signing up for. For instance, you would want to look to see if your preferred doctor was part of their network. You wouldn't want to go to the trouble of finding a new doctor just because your insurance company doesn't think to include the one you already have in their network. When it is expat health insurance that you are considering buying – to help with your healthcare needs when you are in another country – the convenience issue turns all the more important.

For instance, each expensive health insurance provider that you consider, you want to make sure that they have a cashless claim procedure for the hospitals that you might go to, and that they are very responsive when it comes to dealing with claims. You can feel very vulnerable when you are in a foreign land, and at the mercy of an insurance company that seems to be dragging its feet okaying treatment that you need. You need to ask them about their policy on cashless claims and how long they take to respond to them.

It surprises people often, to hear that they can't take expat health insurance for granted when it comes to buying a policy after retirement age. If you are 65 or more, many insurers will actually deny you coverage. With health insurance providers, you can never take anything for granted. You may really need ask closely about their policy in the matter, if you will turn 65 over the course of your stay in another country.

Some policies will offer you some pretty impressive coverage options – such as the ability to make claims in any part of the world. Getting this kind of expensive health insurance though, doesn't come cheap. You to pay a lot more for health insurance that covers any part of the world that you might decide to go to. For this reason, it's always a good idea to pick and choose the exact locations that you will travel to before you buy. This should limit what they charge you.

Why should some parts of the world cost more? Take for instance what might happen if you were to travel to Viet Nam or Bangladesh or Egypt on business. While there are some pretty good medical facilities available at these places, they aren't consistent, and they don't offer many services that you would get back home. And so, you could want to come back home to be treated. How do you pay for that? A good expat health insurance policy would. It is possible though, that you don't plan to be going to countries like this where they don't offer good medical treatment right there. In that case, this facility would be an unnecessary and expensive addition. If you could possibly manage it, you could talk to the insurance providers about getting a discount by excluding expensive add-ons that you won't ever use.

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