Things to Keep in mind as You Install Roof Solar Panels

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Dec 02 2012

There is no better way to power up your home than to go solar. All you need to do is to install roof solar panels on your home, and you're good to go. It's easily two birds with one stone (no offense to birds). Not only do you get to save on your utility bills, you get to be green as well.

Roof solar panels are a great idea – they are the best way to go when you wish to harness the sun for your energy needs. Up on the roof, your solar arrays are going to get the best exposure to the sun. Put your panels anywhere else, and you have to worry about how the shade from the panels will keep sunlight off where it's needed – like your garden or something.

When you install roof solar panels, you have to be very careful making sure that you choose the right angle. It's easy to install your panels on the wrong slope of your roof, where they won't get the best exposure to the sun. You need to consider this point carefully. If there is no way that the natural slope to your roof that will allow you to position your roof solar panels the right way, you have to think about buying brackets and other angling hardware.

If you find it hard to actually reckon which side of the house gets the most heat, think of it this way – which part of the house always seems the hottest? You could start your calculations there. When you install solar panels in that part of the roof, you will again be in line for two birds with one stone (sorry again to all birds, but it's an expression). Not only do you get to cool the hottest part of your house, you get the most energy this way.

Before you actually install any roof solar panels, think about how much life your roof has left in it. If your roof is due up for any kind of major repair or replacement soon, there's really no point in installing the solar system on there. While roofing contractors won't refuse a job if there are solar panels involved, they will jack up their rates.

Even if you do use professional installers, they can often be careless with how the position your panels . They could make it difficult for you to drain your system. Draining your solar panels is an important thing. If you allow water to collect in there, you could encounter freezing damage in the winter, and you with void your warranty.

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