The MC-CG885 OptiFlow - A Star among Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Apr 19 2011

The Panasonic MC-CG885 OptiFlow is a very useful little canister vacuum cleaner that sucks dirt up into a removable bag, and that uses a HEPA filter to filter dirt out. It's perfectly easy to snap together right out of the box. You just attach the hose, the wand, and away you go. Once you attach the power to vacuum head, the headlight and the beater barcome alive, and you're ready to set off. As with some other Panasonic vacuum cleaners, this model comes with an especially long power cord - very useful for cleaning all around the house without constantly unplugging and replugging elsewhere. It comes with a full complement of attachments; but you store them in the space provided at the top of the canister. You'll always have access to them and you'll probably never lose them this way.

Most canister type vacuum cleaners usually have the power switch placed on the canister. Each time you need to switch it on, you have to bend to reach it. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they placed it right on the handle? That's what Panasonic must have thought designing this model - the switch is right there on the handle. The suction nozzle is actually more than a foot wide. When you sweep with it, you cover a pretty wide swath. That said, the suction power of this little machine is pretty impressive. Most people worry about how loud their vacuum is. After working with it for a few minutes and turning it off, they can almost hear their ears ringing. Not so with Panasonic vacuum cleaners, and especially not so with this particular model. And once you're done with cleaning, do you have to tediously wrap the whole 24-foot power cord back around something? Not likely. All you do is to push a button, and the cord retracts itself.

One major complaint you are likely to have with this unit is how small the bag is and how expensive it can be to buy replacements. How expensive is the bag, you ask? They are three dollars each. Apart from that one problem, like other Panasonic vacuum cleaners, the MC-CG885 OptiFlow is a thing of beauty. It is well constructed, it appears durable in every way, and it cleans supremely well. It comes with four adjustable height settings. For carpets, you get a motorized beater brush. And the great thing about this one is that it's not going to be impossible to clean hair out of. Quite simply, this is a vacuum that has no real downside - unless you consider a $250 price tag a little unreasonable. Buy one, and ou could be happily cleaning away for years to come.

Here's a little thought - when you say that a vacuum cleaner sucks, does it mean that it doesn't great job sucking up dust, or does it mean that it blows (or rather, bites)?

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