The Luxury of a Hotel Bed

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Jul 08 2011

You may think of a hot breakfast in the morning or the availability of WIFI as what makes for a wonderful stay in a hotel. Don't forget the most obvious things though, when thinking about a great hotel – beds, cleanliness, and the privacy. Hotel beds are some of the best beds you can find, as long as you are staying in a nice hotel, and some people want to find these for their homes. The best thing about a good night of sleep is that you can get better sleep in less time, making these beds worth their weight in gold.

A hotel bed in a nice hotel is usually a very expensive bed, but not always. Hotels know that you have to have a good night of sleep or you may not stay with them again. You do not always have to spend a lot of money on a decent bed, but you do have to spend something. A queen sized hotel bed that costs a few hundred dollars is not going to be that comfortable. It may feel great for about one night, and that is about it. Expect to find amazing beds in nice hotels, and expect to pay well for the good night of sleep that you are about to experience.

The best hotel bed I ever slept on was at the Crown Plaza. The room was a bit pricy, but I was splitting it with a friend. We had ta double room, and got in about about 2 AM. I fell down on my bed feeling exhausted, and woke up four hours later in the same position. I was so comfortable I did not have to move. I felt as if I had slept for eight glorious hours when I had only slept for half of that time. I don't think I have ever slept that well before then, and have never found a hotel bed as nice since. However, many I have slept on have been pretty good.

If you find a hotel bed that gives you such a good night of sleep, and you want to get that sleep at home, talk to the hotel. They are not going to sell you one of their beds (and you certainly don't want a used bed anyway) but they can probably tell you the name of the manufacturer and the model of bed they use. They may not be able to tell you how much they spent on them, as they probably get a better price than you can, but you can find out more so you can go shopping for that hotel bed on your own.

If you can not find the exact hotel bed that you want in the store, you may find a way to order it online. Though this is not always the best way, as shipping costs can be high, it can be the way to find the bed that you want when it is not in any stores nearby. If you really loved the experience of sleep on the hotel bed, it may be worth it to you to buy it and have it shipped. Otherwise, you can shop around for something comparable and then see if you like it as much. Sleep is something we spend a lot of time doing, so if you have the cash and you love the bed, you can think of it as a very wise investment indeed.

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  1. Diana says:

    I never thought about why hotel beds are so comfortable but it makes a lot of sense. If you remember how great your sleep was (or how bad) you'll go back (or not). I think the W Store sells exactly the furnishings you would normally find in a hotel room so it may be worth your readers checking it out.

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