The Garden Center and Nursery is My First Stop at the Hardware Store

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Dec 17 2012

My wife and I find ourselves at our local hardware store on a semi-monthly basis, and most of the time, we have different goals in mind. I usually have something to fix, whereas she may have an idea about how she would like to decorate. One thing that we both agree on, however, is that the garden center and nursery is almost always our first stop in the store, and there are occasions where it is the only stop that we make before heading home.

One of my wife's favorite pastimes is gardening, and she is always looking for new ways to improve the appearance of our yard. She regularly wants to go to the garden center and nursery at the hardware store we frequent, and she has become an expert at picking out the best flowers and shrubs to decorate our yard and porch. She told me that she loves the idea of having all sorts of colors and flora in our yard because it reminds her of where she grew up, in the country.

I have gotten the gardening bug as well, and I will often go to the garden center and nursery to buy fresh fruits and vegetables to plant. I have to say that there is no greater feeling of accomplishment for me than to plant fruits and vegetables, water and care for them, and then harvest them so that our family can enjoy them at our dinner table. Each year, my wife and kids can depend on fresh tomatoes, corn, watermelon, green beans, squash, and a variety of other produce cultivated by the hands of dear old Dad!

The garden center and nursery is not just good for things to grow, either. My wife and I will go there a lot of times to buy edging and river rocks. We have also gone there to buy bricks to serve as barriers for different areas. I, personally, like buying mulch from the garden center, because I know that it will have all of the nutrients my fruits and vegetables need to grow hardy and healthy. I have also bought cedar chips to make a walkway in our backyard, which makes a nice little trail and smells great!

The garden center and nursery is one of our favorite places to shop. There are so many things we can get from there, and it is a way for us to spend time together doing something that we know is going to make our home a little bit nicer. We never get tired of it, and hopefully we will one day be able to pass that on to our own children.

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