The Duros S3590 - a thoroughly Functional Hoover Vacuum

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Jul 07 2011

Among vacuum cleaners that list for less than $150, the Hoover Duros S3590 powerhead canister vacuum is a perfectly good mix of durability, form and function. What should make this Hoover a perfect delight to work with is the fact that it is particularly lightweight and easy to put together and take apart. So easy is it to use that you should be up and away cleaning every nook and corner in your house the moment you get it out of the box. Anyone is likely to appreciate right away how well-built every part of the machine seems - right from the solidly built canister to the high quality components the wands and the hose seem to be. Ergonomics seem to have been high on the list when they designed this Hoover vacuum, the handle being particularly comfortable to hold and maneuver.

If there is one part of the machine that doesn't seem to share the sturdiness or the high build quality that seems to be a part of this vacuum everywhere, it is the Duros powerhead. It certainly is lightweight - it would be nice if it were durable as well. Instead, it seems a little flimsy, and doesn't even seem all that great at picking up anything heavier than dust. A test where you try to spill, say a few seeds of mustard, is likely to stymie the design. The powerhead is just rather too close to the ground to be able to pick anything up that size. It just pushes things around. Where this Hoover vacuum excels is in the way it handles hard floors. Wherever you have dust or dirt on the floors, you can just zip along with it, without a care in the world, and it should take everything right up. The fact that there is the headlight to use and that it doesn't need the brush rolling to be on, is a great convenience. It'll help you clean everything thoroughly. Working on hard floors, the powerhead works great (unlike what it does on carpets), with the close-to-the-ground design working great at picking up dirt. It gets closer to everything. If you want to get under furniture, this is the Hoover vacuum for you.

This Hoover vacuum model comes with three different attachments for different purposes. An upholstery brush and a dusting tool go into the wand-mounted caddy. The fit there isn't the greatest it could be, and a vigorous cleaning often sets them loose. The crevice tool though is often securely attached. What about the quality of the tools, you ask? For the price, the quality is just above average. The upholstery tool does leave a lot to be wanted on the other hand. This is a vacuum that requires disposable paperbags. And this makes it less likely to clog with dirt than a bagless model. The machine does struggle with carpets of deep pile. But for everything else, this is the Hoover vacuum for you.

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