The Dirt Devil KONE - Fashionable, yes, but Functional?

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: May 04 2011

Did you ever visit the handheld vacuum section at your local appliances store and turn away disappointed that there just wasn't anything that seemed pretty enough to take home? A handheld vacuum doesn't need to look like a plastic funnel like many models actually do. Instead, they could be like the Karim Rashid-designed Dirt Devil KONE - a fashionable looking number in a vacuum cleaner if ever there was one. One reason they've made it look the way it does, like a pyramid or a cone is, they want you to be able to place it right there in any room, as a centerpiece - it'll help it be accessible anytime you need it.

No more do you have to worry about having the functional bits around your living room take away from your decor, and the ambience of your living room. Any time you notice a bit of pet hair or crumbs dropped on the carpet, your Dirt Devil KONE is ever-ready to be picked up to get the offending litter out of the way. Of course, the model comes with a very small dust cup - it isn't meant for any heavy-duty cleaning. But that doesn't have to get in the way. The first time you pick up your KONE, you'll be surprised by how substantial it feels for its size. The smooth plastic body does sacrifice functionality for form though, which could get in the way a bit. But when you see how gorgeous it does look, you can readily allow for the sacrifice.

So how do you use it? It comes with no tools, attachments or brushes of any kind to go with it. It sucks in stuff by the tip, powered by - get this - an 8 volt motor. Of course it has to be that low powered, powered by a rechargeable battery as it is. Consider it a fun shaped dustpan that helps you get things out of the way the way a brush would. It just doesn't have to look unfashionable or cumbersome like a brush and dustpan is all.
A little annoyance with the KONE is that the dirt is supposed to go in through a series of air intakes, and not just one. This means that when the vacuum sucks in air, the air often bounces off the grid, and comes back to blow the dust around. They didn't have to do this of course, but it kept the unit looking fashionable. Which of course, is important with a device of this nature.

Is the Dirt Devil KONE the best hand vacuum around? That depends on what you're looking for. It's great if you want to do is to pick up a few crumbs or lint. For functionality greater than that, you'll probably have to look elsewhere.

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