The Best Flea Treatment for Puppies

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Dec 10 2012

Of course, any flea infestation is a problem. It can drive a dog completely insane even to get a couple of fleas on his coat. An infestation of this kind rarely goes any farther than being an annoyance. When puppies get fleas though, that's a situation that can end in a dead puppy. Puppies are small creatures, and they can't afford to just waste blood on parasites. It's important when you have a puppy, that you should be on your alert for any infestation problems. The moment it happens, you need to quickly start with some kind of effective flea treatment for puppies.

The problem of course is that most commercial flea control products are too strong for use on very young animals. You need to look for something that's safe for a young and sensitive puppy, and it still needs to get the job done. Make the wrong choice here, and the cure could be just as bad as the affliction.

Even the best and safest flea treatment for puppies can be ineffective if you give those fleas any time to settle in. You need to be on them just as soon as they get on your puppy. For this, you need to always be on the lookout.

Make it a habit to check your puppy's gums about twice a week. If they seem a little pale or even white, that's a sign that you're puppy is anemic, and that a flea infestation is at the bottom of the problem. Anemia or blood of deficient quality, can easily kill a puppy. When you see signs of anemia in your puppy, you need to rush the little things to of that right away.

If you find fleas on your puppy's coat, but your puppy isn't anemic yet, there's time to try a couple of home-based treatments.

It would be a good idea to give your puppy a thorough washing in warm soapy water. The soap you use should be pretty mild – mild dish soap would be an excellent choice.

After you bathe and rinse the little critter and give him a nice and thorough drying with a towel, it's time to reach for the flea comb. You need to go through your puppy's coat with a fine flea comb. To make sure that you really are getting all the fleas, make your puppy stand on a large, light-colored towel that will let you quickly see any fleas that pop out. You need to put them all in water to kill them, if any should come out that are still alive.

Now that you have got all those fleas out, you want to make sure that you don't just leave the door wide open for the new infestation. Make sure that you wash your puppy's bedding out thoroughly, and make sure that you keep combing your puppy, just to be safe.

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