Taking Responsibility for Selling your Music

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Dec 03 2012

If you're an independent musician, you have to always understand that you are your primary sales representative. And that's so even if you have a marketing team and a booking agent minding the fort. Those people are just there to take care of things on the side. The main job of selling your music, belongs to you. It's up to you to pull in listeners and to turn them into real fans who come back to buy merchandise and music. Of course, this is extremely hard.

So now that you know that you are in the sales business in addition to being a musician, you can really get serious about it. You really have to start thinking like a salesperson.

The number one rule of selling (your music or anything else), that salespeople learn, is this – you don't ever want to concentrate on the product (that's your music). You don't ever want to talk up the product. You only want to talk about how magical it will be once they have the product. You have to concentrate on showing them how happy they are going to be to get this thing.

So when you call someone whom you need to give you a gig, you don't want talk about your act at all. You don't want to go on about how great your act is. In fact, it's going to completely turn the buyer off if you go on this way. You want to know what it is that the entertainment buyer wants from booking a musician. Try to think about what it is that previous clients really appreciated about booking you. Talk to the new buyer about those things.

The more you are able to target your sales efforts at the right audience, the more likely you are to make a sale. You need to find out what kind of gender, income group or age your typical music fan is, and that's where you target your efforts. You really need to know your fan base.

A lot of sales opportunity usually exists in places that your competition has neglected to exploit. You need to look closely what exactly your competition offers, and you need to aim yourself at a part of the market that they don't address. Does this sound too much like business? Well, they don't call it the "music business" for nothing. Why, you could even you need to find out whom your competition see as their target market, and you go for them yourself.

And finally, everything you do, you want to track how successful your strategies are at selling your music.

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