Staying Safe From Phone Spying

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Dec 01 2012

Phone spying is a real thing. It is so real that News Corp., when it tried to spy on people in Britain to try to get to a story,there was hell to pay when they were found out. They had to close down the newspaper they did it with. Now, News Corp. is on the verge of getting broken up because any paper that does this kind of thing is clearly bad news. The people that they spied on were just regular citizens in Britain. It could happen to regular citizens who have nothing big going on in their lives.

So do you need to worry that someone might spy on you? Well, not only is the threat for real, it is more real today than it's ever been before.

It's just that when everyone just used to have feature phones, each phone model would have its own operating system. If the phone spying was not really a major problem then, most people attributed it to this little fact. When there are a thousand different phone models and a thousand different operating systems for them, it becomes really difficult for any hacker to develop hacking methods to attack any one phone. There are that many of them, and whoever knows what operating system a particular phone has?

That isn't the way it is anymore. Now that everyone has a smart phone, there are just four major operating systems. And 80% of all phones use just one of two operating systems. It's very easy now for hackers to target phones. They just have to try one or two different methods before they hit something.

So what do you do when you really need to be sure that you won't be attacked?

The first thing that you want to do is to make sure that your phone is password-protected. This simple little thing can work most of the time and keep you safe. On most phones, you can also set the phone to automatically lock the keypad after a couple of minutes of no use. Even if someone actually steals your phone, they will never be able to do much with it.

People have learned to trust apps completely. Anytime anyone advertises an app for a smart phone platform, people just blindly tend to trust it. They haven't really learned to be wary of smart phone apps, the way they have learned to be cautious with computer software. You just have to research the Internet before you install any application at all.

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