Speaking and Listening Skills

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Nov 30 2012

We learn to listen the moment we are born, and speaking comes in the next few years. At first, this is about survival and the first voice we know is that of our mother. As the years go on, many children hear their teacher say that they cannot just listen – they have to pay attention to what someone is saying and react appropriately. Speaking and listening skills are inborn, but that does not mean that we all do it as we should. If you want to be a better employee, work on both of these skills. Both are assets in any career and in your personal life as well.

We can all listen, but do we always hear what someone is really saying. Many people hear what they want to hear and leave the other person perplexed. This is just something that comes with time, busy lives, and the need to communicate without understanding how speaking skills come into play. Some people have a hard time expressing themselves and others have a hard time really listening. This is when many miss-communications happen. This problem is not fun in your personal life, but can reek havoc on your career if you are not careful. Work on your own speaking and listening skills to move ahead.

First, understand that hearing and listening are not the same thing. When you are working with clients and customers, you have to really listen to what they are saying. It can be easy to miss the gist of someone's complaint or needs if you are not listening well and they are not speaking well. When you are working, it is your job to understand no matter how vague or off the mark the client or customer can be. Brush up on your speaking and listening skills to avoid this type of problem.

Speaking and listening skills are important if you interact a lot with a client base. It may be your job to talk to groups or to make sure your customers are well aware of what they are getting or what may have gone wrong. Speaking effectively is something that some people just have, but others have to work at it. There is nothing wrong with learning more about learning to speak effectively. This skill is a key to making any business run smoothly, though is often overlooked in some business sectors. Find a course to brush up and learn more and you can make yourself irreplaceable to your boss.

If you are brushing up on speaking and listening skills for work, you should also think about what they can do for your personal life. There are a variety of reasons why marriages don't work, but quite often the small rift that leads to a bigger problem because with communications problems. At times, we talk to each other but never really hear each other. When this happens, resentments start to grow. Think of all of the problems you could avoid in your personal life if you communicated more effectively.

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