Shade Structures

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Dec 03 2012

You love your home and you love your lawn. There is, however, one problem. You do not have enough shade and growing trees for natural shade can take years. What then can you do? If you love being outdoors but the sun is just too much, you can build shade structures for your property. For some of these you need a building permit and some are considered temporary and you will be fine putting them up and taking them down. Some stay at home and some can go anywhere that you go. Not only will you feel cooler, you lessen your risk for skin cancer and heat stroke.

The most simple and less expensive types of shade structures are ones you may see popping up at camp grounds and other events where people gather for a day. These are like tents but they have a roof and maybe just one side if any side at all. These block out the sun and are put up much like a tent. They have pole support and stakes to hold them steady. These are cheap and come up and down easily. If you want one you can leave up, spend a little more on this type of shade structures so that they can tolerate wind and stormy weather.

There are shade structures that you can build in your yard, or you can buy a kit somewhere like a home improvement store. These are durable and can be left where they are all year long. They are typical meant to be built away from the house and come in all shapes, sizes, and even colors. Some have shades you can pull down on the sides and some do not. Shop around different shade structures like these until you find the one that you like. These can not only keep out the sun, they can also be a beautiful addition to your landscaping if you choose the right one.

You can build your own shade structures that look more natural. These may not be instant, but they are faster than waiting for a tree to grow big enough to offer shade. You can build a structure out of trellis and then plant fast growing and leafy vine varieties near the base. These vines can grow and fill in the gaps, offering you the shade that you seek with a more natural look. A bonus is that the vines give off oxygen and soak in carbon dioxide like all plants do. You may have to guide your vines and then prune when necessary, but most end up love shade structures like these.

You also have the option of shade structures that attach to your home. These would be a roof over your existing patio or a rolling shade that you can pull out or put away as needed. These are much like what you would find on a camper. Naturally, these are going to keep the sun out and allow you to enjoy your space right next to your home. You can choose which you want based on your budget, but both work the same. If you live in a bad weather area, the roof may be the best option.

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