Safe Insect Spray: 3 Homemade Pro-Green Sprays

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Oct 23 2010

Global warming as a consequence of our wanton pollution trends has put a scare in everyone's life, not least world governments. Most of the practices we had for long taken as standard have turned against us with an urgent appeal for change. A while ago, the common trend in dealing with insect infestations was to get a chemical insect spray from the local store. The more deadly the insect spray always often meant the more desirable it was. Today however, any spray we use must first be criticized on its effect to the environment and its sensitivity to the safety of people and other organisms in the area of use. In other words, an insect spray must necessarily be eco-friendly to gain acceptance and wide usage in today's society.

Yet very few of these so-called eco-friendly insecticides are really 100% safe. Most have adverse effects to the human respiratory system as well as endangering the places we live with numerous toxic chemicals. The most plausible alternative for most pro-green homes has been to make their own insect spray from harmless substances and compounds readily available from the kitchen cabinet. When widespread insects infestation has been noted, such as of aphids, ladybugs and honeybees, some homemade pro-green sprays have proofed effective, safe and cheap. Although most do not kill the insects completely, they dissuade their infestation and force such insects to run away. Other homemade sprays are helpful in keeping the insect's population under control.

The first of these homemade pro-green sprays is the natural insecticidal soap. This can be bought at garden centre or mad at home. To make it, you should mix some mild dish detergent with water and then fill the solution into a spray bottle. Shake the solution and spray it to the infested areas or plants. This process should be repeated often, especially after some rains, until the insects' infestation reduces considerably.

The second homemade pro-green insect spray is the garlic spray. To make the garlic spray, peel some garlic cloves and blend them with the kitchen blender until they are finely mixed with the water solvent. The water should be of a dark orange color, so add as many cloves as will take to make a strong solution. You should first blend the garlic with some little water and then add the water to make the diluted but still strong solution. Whirl the solution around for about three minutes. You can then sieve the solution using a kitchen sieve, a pantyhose or cheesecloth before transferring it to the spray bottle. Once done, spray it to the infested areas or plants and repeated the process until the insects' infestation reduces considerably.

The third homemade pro-green insect spray is the pepper spray. This is made and used in exactly the same way as the garlic spray is. The pepper is blended and then mixed with water. The solution is then sieved and transferred to a spray bottle and you can then spray the infested areas repetitively. For all these three types of homemade pro-green insect spray solutions, the leftover spray can be stored in a refrigerator for a week or so before being sprayed again. After a week however, it is wise to discard the remains in a compost pile and making a fresh solution for optimal effectiveness.

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