Painting Concrete Floors

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Dec 01 2012

Concrete floors are more common than you may think. They are used in homes, garages, businesses, and even outdoor areas everywhere. Concrete, done the right way, has a certain charm as well as a durability that can up the value of your property. Concrete generally comes in one color, though you can find colored versions to use in your home. For the most part, painting concrete floors is how most people add color when using concrete. You do not have to hire professionals to do this if you do not want to, but you do have to know a little about painting concrete.

The first thing to understand about painting concrete floors is that they are porous. This means the paint is going to sink into the concrete, requiring quite a few layers of paint to get the results that you seek. There may be a sealant you can use to cover the concrete before you paint that will stop the paint from seeping in. You should also look into a textured paint, which will leave a grip on the floor that may otherwise be slippery from the paint on a such a flat surface. Any employee at a home improvement store should be able to help you get what you need.

When it comes to painting concrete floors, there is always an issue with wear, tear, and chipping. Because you are painting a floor you are going to be walking or even driving on (in the case of a garage), you have to protect your paint. Look for a sealer that can be applied on paint that has been applied to a concrete floor. Think of it like nail polish. If you put too many layers on, the whole thing can come up. This is why it is essential to ask advice and to make sure you get the right products for sealing and painting your concrete floors.

Painting concrete floors outdoors may not be the best option that you have. Despite using sealers and the right paints, floors like this that are outdoors, like driveways and courtyards, are also going to take the wear and tear of nature. Nature is a strong force and is one thing humans certainly have no ability to control. Sustained rains, snow, and freezing temperatures can ruin the best painted concrete floor or ground surfaces very quickly. Instead, look into staining concrete or stamping for a pattern without adding color if plain concrete is not to your liking.

Concrete can be in other areas of your home as well, both inside and out. Unlike painting concrete floors, walls are a bit easier to deal with when adding color. You still have to protect the wall and you still have to get the right type of paint, but a sealant on the top may not be as important. Use your best judgment to decide what you do not need and what is essential. Painted concrete walls in basements give the room a finished look, but do not have to stand up to a lot of wear and tear. Keep that in mind if you are trying to save money.

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