Kitting Yourself Out With the Right Chainsaw Accessories

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Dec 02 2012

If you have a big yard, and if you have this penchant to keep things tidy and well maintained, well, I can hardly do it without a chainsaw. A power tool like that might do very well for some time of course. As with any hardcharging machine though, you'll find that pretty soon, you do need a few chainsaw accessories around to really keep things running smoothly. There are all kinds of things – safety gear, maintenance supplies, sharpening tools, spare parts and so on.

Let's start off with the most basic of chainsaw accessories – safety stuff. As you are no doubt aware, chainsaws can be dangerous machines. That's why they like to make slasher movies about chainsaw massacres. They actually sell safety kits for chainsaw users. These kits usually contain all your basic stuff – protective glasses, helmet, and protective gloves. You could also consider protective boots, but usually, if you're wearing any boots at all, they should do more or less.

Once you are all nice and safe, the next thing on your list should be equipping yourself with enough kit to make sure that your chainsaw has all the maintenance that it needs to run well.

If this is your first time with a chainsaw, you would probably do well to buy a ready-assembled kit with all the maintenance equipment and spares that you need, all provided in one box. Basically, it would be best to get this from the manufacturer of your chainsaw, to be sure that all the spares fit. Typically, these kits will contain a fuel filter, an air filter, a spark plug and a bottle of two-stroke engine oil of the right kind. A gas can to carry extra gas wouldn't be a bad idea either.

A better rounded out kit of chainsaw accessories would include lubrication oil as well for the bar and chain. But you could easily buy this separately – at about $10 a bottle.

The best chainsaws have their cutting teeth made of high carbon steel. This happens to be a hard-wearing material. Even so, these do wear out eventually, and a regular maintenance routine should always include a good tooth sharpening session every now and then. for this, you will need if you chainsaw accessories for sharpening those teeth.

Many highly trained professionals will simply use a handheld file and they'll use it freehand. While this might work once you have years of experience, it hardly works well if you're only just starting out. You need to make sure that you get a filing guide and a round file.

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