It Isn't Impossible to Get Rid of Roaches

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Dec 17 2012

Can you really get rid of roaches? Don't they have sayings about how these creatures will likely be the only survivors of nuclear war? Should you even bother trying to get rid of roaches then if you're not willing to let off a hydrogen bomb in your living room?

You mustn't despair so. Of course, it isn't possible to eradicate roaches altogether; it is possible though, to eradicate them in your home. But you do need to go after them with more than just a can of Raid. You need a comprehensive solution with many different components, each one of which gets at the roaches in a different way.

The first thing that you have to understand about how to get rid of roaches is, that they come into your house from outside – no matter what kind of roach it is. The large American roach mostly comes into your home from your garden. They like to hang around mulch, mud, and other damp and moist material, and they find a way to come in. To get rid of a roaches indoors, you have to start outdoors. You need to get a good general purpose roach insecticide of the kind that you mix and dilute in water. You need to get a pressure spray can with a pump action, and you are in business.

Any mulch or other landscaping material that you have very close to your home – maybe up to a foot or so away – you want to soak it in the spray. That should take care of this source of nastiness.

You also need to go after the places these roaches hide in once they do get inside. Mostly, they like crawlspaces and other secluded spaces. You need to spray there too.

Elsewhere indoors, you don't need to spray wholesale the way you did outside. You just need to look for any places that the roaches may be in – the basement, neglected places where there are cracks and crevices and so on – and you need to spray there.

Since these roaches reproduce quite quickly – very soon after they are born in fact – it's important to find out where those cracks and crevices are that the young ones hide away in, and to spray them there with insect growth regulator. You'll get these at any home and garden supplies store.

With this multipronged approach, you should be set. You'll be able to get rid of roaches quite successfully.

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