If the Thought of Used Restaurant Equipment Scares You...

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Dec 01 2012

Starting a new restaurant can be a very expensive business. While it's hard to cut back on any furniture or equipment out in the dining section without people noticing it, you just might get by on used restaurant equipment in the kitchen. Is that a good idea? Some restaurateurs worry. Restaurant kitchen equipment is usually working really hard. What if it's not very energy-efficient? Or what if it just fails in the middle of a busy night? It could ruin the restaurant reputation to have that happen. What are the alternatives to buying used restaurant equipment – so that you can save money, but you don't have to run any serious risk?

Well, even if it seems like you shouldn't cut back and buy used stuff for the dining section, you could consider going with refurbished stuff. You could consider buying furniture, tables and shelving and all that stuff from an auction or another used place, have it thoroughly refurbished with skilled carpenters, and you could save money. You could use that money that you've freed up to buy new restaurant equipment.

Many restaurant equipment sellers offer lease-to-own programs. You only make a down payment, and the rest, you pay in monthly installments. In the end, you end up owning the equipment. In this way, you won't really need to invest much upfront in your restaurant equipment. That should free up a lot of money for other things. The downside to the lease-to-own idea is that these can be very difficult to qualify for. They completely look at your credit rating. You can't blame them – the restaurant business is quite a risky one.

Have you ever ordered anything large on Amazon and found that it arrived with scratches and dents? There is such a thing as scratch and dent restaurant equipment as well. When the manufacturers deliver equipment to a new restaurant business, if it arrives damaged externally, they refuse it. And then, the manufacturer is forced to sell it at a discounted price. It would work just as well because it's really only cosmetic damage, and you would save money. This is much better than buying used restaurant equipment.

As with buying a car, it's always a great money saver to go looking for end-of-product cycle models. If the manufacturer is about to replace a line, the old line could be available for very little.

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