Ideas for Halloween Party Themes

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Dec 31 2012

If you are tired of having the same old party each time your child has friends over, it might be time to think about directing your child's parties towards themes. You can do this for adult parties too. One time of the year when many people both young and old have parties together is Halloween. The holiday is a lot of fun and is a nice time to hang out before the winter sets in for the year. In order to shake things up, you should find some ideas for Halloween party ideas so you can find something new and fun to do, rather than just feeding people and setting them free to entertain themselves.

In most parts of the country, even in the northern states, ideas for Halloween party themes can include doing things outdoors. One great thing is a Halloween inspired treasure or scavenger hunt. You can hide things that are themed for Halloween or you can think of natural things that the kids can find on their own. Not everything on the list has to be about Halloween. You can incorporate some fall items like a certain type of leaf or a pine cone to the list. Some things, like perhaps a scary bone, might be something you have to hide around. Rawhide bones are great for this.

Other outdoor ideas for Halloween party themes can also include things like bobbing for apples, which is always fun but not done as much any longer. You could also have a Halloween themed game like baseball with masks for the bases and balls with funny or scary faces painted on them. Since Halloween is the holiday that is all about candy, you could also have pinatas full of candy for the kids to break open, just like many families like to do for fun at birthday parties. Anything small and Halloween themed can go inside with the candy.

For indoor parties, you can come up with anything you want. You may have decorated your home in the past for Halloween, but have you ever worked on an entire haunted house. Beware, though, as this is probably one of the most labor intensive of the ideas for Halloween party themes out there. It will take some work both putting it up and taking it down when the party is over. However, if you have a hallway or a part of the home that you can use for your haunted house, this is a great way to kick off any party.

Halloween crafts can be the highlight of a kids party as well. You are going to have to buy some supplies for ideas for Halloween party fun like this, but you can be sure it is going to please the kids. It will be easy enough to go online to find great ideas for Halloween crafts. If you cannot find something you can get on-board with online, go to a craft store to see what they have to offer. Someone working there can help, or you can see what they have on display. Remember that structured and fun activity is the key to a fun but firmly in control kids party of any type.

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