How To Sing Like Your Favorite Artists

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Jun 04 2013

Whether you think you can't sing, or if you know you can... you cant. YET! Check out my 2nd Channel for more vlogs: http://www.youtube.com/higatv Follow me o...

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  1. FatNose Fag says:

    Vocal-Stiloliger-Izer-Ist? :O

    I'm just fat. :(

  2. Aneesa Asif says:

    This was truly Amazing!

  3. AdrianCaridi123 says:


  4. JayTee DoubleKim says:

    can you tell me the name of that Snoop Dog song?

  5. jen james says:

    All of them were actually true hahaha they sounded a lot like the real artists ;) well yeah love you Ryan<3

  6. ComedyRunExtra says:


  7. TemporalSatisfaction says:

    Omg why did I unsub!

  8. Chètt Trysten says:


  9. prissypoop36 says:


  10. sacredsoul8 says:

    This was brilliant! One of your most funniest videos in a while =D
    Great job

  11. DarkWizard58 says:

    He killed me with skrillex

  12. gizmago says:

    I'm laughing so hard right now XD

  13. 8sse says:

    I was so sad when he stopped making fun of skrillix XD I was like ;-; aww

  14. DJXTRIX says:

    dear ryan can you do your own dubstep song??? =D

  15. marion sanchez says:

    Gonna kill the replay button

  16. durvsh says:

    Kage Bushiin FTW!!

  17. Sandy Le says:

    omg the skillrex part LOOL

  18. giankaiser says:


  19. Joy Ying says:


  20. anxhi anxhela says:

    hahahahhahahha  lmfao

  21. Visualxo says:


  22. Gentry McPherson says:

    Damn good editing with the skrillex at the end!

  23. cranberry1lover says:

    hahaha lil jon

  24. PARK Minsun says:

    This is soo cool and funny! thanks for the awesome video Ryan! especially the ending was HAHAHA awesome!

  25. Nathan Ma says:

    Dear Ryan, can you be a power ranger? LOL. Love this video man xD. Lil Jon, 2Chainz, JT, JB, Drake, and freakin Lil Wayne. haha. Freakin made me laugh so much.

  26. rina agpoon says:


  27. ifeelmuzic says:

    watched this video around 20 times since it was uploaded.. even when i'm in the middle of my exams schedule..

  28. itssMichelleyo says:

    Drake , lmao .

  29. awesome1037 says:

    ohanno means family was d best

  30. Chen Shin Hau says:

    that 3:20 saliva.......

  31. Haziq zecko says:

    Hahahha the shrilled

  32. Haziq zecko says:

    Hahaha the skrillex part

  33. Maanokay XO says:


  34. Joely P says:

    The country part killed me! XD

  35. Debapama Basu says:

    What is the Justin Timberlake song?

  36. Urvashi Mahto says:

    Well, when he did the Lights part he actually turned the light on and then off.
    Just saying... xD

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