How to Hire Pest Control Services

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Dec 09 2012

Most people wouldn't dream of looking into hiring pest control services until they had a problem that just couldn't be ignored. A much better way to go though, would be to catch the problem before it actually digs its heels in and settles in for the long haul. A regular pre-emptive inspection is always a better way to stay on top of any possible infestion and to keep things cheap and affordable. Even if you are sold on the basic merit of this argument, you might find that you are put off by how hard it can be to locate a good exterminator. How do you do it?

Since pest control services routinely deal with large quantities of poison, there is always the danger that they can end up poisoning someone. This is why in the law requires that these services should be licensed, before they operate. Of course, since this is a state law, you will find regions where no licensing requirements apply. It wouldn't be a bad idea, whatever exterminator you speak to, to ask them to see all of their licenses. This should play a very important part in your hiring decision.

The fact that pest control services work with poisons, does indeed present a problem. If they do cause an accident in your home, you want to be free to sue them. How do you know though that they even have the money to pay you with should you sue and win? This is where the idea of going with a bonded company comes in.

When every employee of a company is bonded, it's like he has malpractice insurance. If there's ever a mistake that he makes that he should get sued for, his insurance will take care of it. If there is no insurance, he could sue all you want – you just wouldn't ever get anything. The lesson to take away here is that you always need to only work with an exterminator company that is bonded.

Any good pest control service is bound to have a track record – information that should be reasonably easy to obtain. You could either phone the BBB, or you could search the Internet yourself; but you do need to learn about the company's track record before you hire them.

With many homeowners anxious as they are about being environmentally responsible, there's a lot that can be done when they use pest control services. What could be more environmentally unfriendly than the use of poisons? If you are worried about this, you could ask each company you interview what their best methods are. Most modern and up-to-date pest control services tend to use biological pest control – which is to say that they use animals and birds that are natural predators of the pests that bother you.

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