How To Control Eczema In Children

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Oct 13 2010

Of all the skin diseases that affect millions of children around the globe, eczema in children must be one of the most common. Its occurrence happens in all age groups but eczema in children should be given the most attention.

Eczema, the local inflammation of the skin appears as a red blister in the extremities with bleeding, drying and flaking. The red blister can be very itchy and an obvious restlessness is a common observation during the itching episode.

The treatment, like the cause of this disease is still unclear. Treatments vary from topical ointments to steroids. If a child develops this disease, it is advisable to tell the child to stop or avoid scratching the area to avoid complications.

Certain explanations are stated how the eczema in children occurs. it was said that the development is high among people with relatives, parent or sibling who developed the disease. A theory also explains that it is caused by allergy to foods like eggs, wheat, nuts and fish. So many parents should take note of this theory to help evade the occurrence of the disease by modifying the diet of the child.

Most childhood eczema appears in conjunction with a respiratory disease common also as a hereditary disease, asthma. It is best to maintain a healthy environment by keeping the house clean and free of dusts as these allergens aggravate the condition.

Furthermore, before taking any medications make sure to consult your doctor first. Sometimes certain conditions or diseases are aggravated by self medication and improper use of drugs. And due to the depressed immunity of children with eczema, keep your child out of crowds, people with viral diseases and dirty areas.

Eczema in children usually fades as the child grow in time but relapses always occur and the cycle goes on and on.

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