How Fully Featured is the Dirt Devil 082500? A Review

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Jan 31 2011

Maybe the Dirt Devil M082500 Breeze Canister Vacuum isn't as fully featured as models in the Vision series. But it's a completely competent vacuum that should be taken seriously anytime you're in the market for a cleaning machine. The Dirt Devil 082500 is a great bagless vacuum that comes with a convenient flexible hose, a powerful motorized brush and a canister where all the noisy bits are housed. Now while bagless models usually get ambivalent reviews for their cleaning abilities, this one seems a particularly competent model, and you can see how quickly it cleans your carpet up with the transparent dirt-collection window. The canister that collects the dirt is easy to snap in and out, and you should be able to tell when it needs to be emptied.

Something you're likely to quickly fall in love with in the Dirt Devil 082500 is the fact that it comes with an extra long 20-foot cord, just like its sibling, the Vision. Now it would be nice if it came with a cord rewinder, or even a carry handle or a turbo tool like you see on the Vision. But this is a lower-priced model, and they have made sure not to cut corners anywhere that matters. You can tell that by the way the Dirt Devil 082500 breezes through carpets. On carpets of all kinds of pile depths, this is a vacuum that pulls out debris of every kind (save perhaps, for stuff like hair). In the end, you do come away satisfied at having done a good job. The motorized brushes especially, give your carpets a thorough fluffing and leave them feeling new and soft.

For all the dirt loosening and the suction power that the vacuum has, it really wouldn't be much use if it just blew it all out again without an adequate filtration system. And the best way to filter vacuum dirt we have now is the HEPA system. While the Dirt Devil 082500 doesn't have such a high end filtration system, it does get by with what it has quite effectively. One thing to really love about this model is the wide variety of attachments that comes with. It's versatile on the floor, on carpets, and it's designed to not blow dust up everywhere it goes. Certainly, if you hold this up against other models in the Dirt Devil range, this is a slightly lower end version, clearly. But if you're someone who just wants a competent cleaner without too much by way of bells and whistles you can't go wrong with this model.

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