Hotel Booking - Never Buy Sight Unseen

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Jul 09 2011

Anyone who's traveled more than a handful of times on business or pleasure, has at leat one great and entertaining story about how impossibly incompetent the people were at some hotel - how they got the details of the reservation wrong, how the room appeared to not have been cleaned since guests left last, how room service was spectacularly abysmal. Success with a hotel booking is often pretty much up to luck - you have to buy sight unseen, and the only thing helping you you out are the reviews on some travel website like VirtualTourist. Have you looked at Google's StreetView and wondered why they can do this for entire cities but not for a hotel room? There have been all kinds of advancements in the way panoramas and 360° views over the Internet can be shot and viewed on the hotel booking sites. There is no more need to buy a hotel room and then pray that all goes well. Let's look at some of the best preview technologies that are at leading hotel booking websites use.

Your first stop for an in-depth visual tour of every room in every hotel you have an interest in, is TVTrip, a website that allows you to view in full panoramic and full-color glory, every inch of the interiors and exteriors of any hotel - the grounds, the lobby, the corridors, the rooms, the bathrooms and so on. All you need to do is enter the website, give them dates when you plan to travel, and the city you wish to go to. They will give you a list of all the hotels in the city they have video guided tours of. Travelocity, the top travel website on the Internet has great virtual tours of almost every hotel that they carry. Theire cameras take in views of every part of any hotel you want to check out. All you need to do again is to plug in where you want to go, the dates you'll be traveling in the other rooms you're interested in, and you get treated to a visual tour of everything you can expect once you get there.

If the travel website of your choice doesn't seem to offer a full video guide of the hotel you have in mind, you could consider checking out the website of the hotel itself for further details. Pretty often, hotel websites have more complete information than a general-purpose travel website could. You could always come back to your hotel booking website is to get a better price or a better deal that way.

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