Helping Your Kid Soar With Disney Princess Figurines

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Dec 29 2012

It could be the steady diet of Disney animated princesses that little girls grow up on these days; ask just about any five-year-old girl about what her dreams are, and you'll no doubt right away hear something about a princess there somewhere. There are two ways in which you can help make that fantasy come true for a little girl – you could throw her a Princess birthday party, or you could get her Disney princess figurines.

Disney has built up such a range of darling princesses and an absolute army of supporting characters over the years. If you've spent any time with little girls at all, you'll know how they practically live the stories that all of these characters appear in. It's quite difficult for an adult or even an older child to really get into the kind of headspace that you need to be in to completely appreciate the magic that Disney Princess figurines are capable of; but look at it this way if you will. The older you get, the more realistic the fantasy has to be to get your interest. These days, nothing less than high-definition movies in three dimensions and surround sound will do. Anything less than that and right away, you don't feel involved anymore. An 11-year-old girl may be happy with nothing more sophisticated than movies played on a small television.

When it's a little child, their imaginations just soar in ways that as adults, we've completely forgotten all about. When a child holds a Disney Princess figurine in her hands, she actually feels like she has been transported to some fairyland. A very realistically-made the figurine is all that a child needs. You just have to make sure that you know what character really inspires her imagination – Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, or any of them. When you get a child her favorite figurine, you can just see how she's already been transported to another realm – perhaps a magic kingdom under the sea or a magic carpet, scudding cross the clouds.

Some Disney Princess figurines happen to be more realistically constructed than others though. Disney figurines of Belle, for instance, are made so that the facial resemblance is quite perfect with other characters, Snow White and so on, the construction quality can be quite unreliable. Sometimes, Disney even seems to manufacture and ship them with patches of color missing. You want to read up on the latest reviews of the Disney Princess figurines that you plan to buy, before you put any money down. They'll show you which figurines seem to be the best-made at the moment.

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