He Free World of Flat Pack Furniture

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Dec 10 2012

For different reasons, the need to have furniture that folds neatly and fits into small spaces when not in use might be highly welcome. This is so especially for people who are always on the move and want to avoid the hassle of moving around with bulky pieces of furniture but still enjoy a fully accessorized home. The solution to this problem is by the use of flat pack furniture.

This type of furniture is fabricated in flat parts and designed to be quickly and easily assembled. Logically, the primary advantage of this furniture is that packing it will be extremely space efficient, saving significant amounts of money for the manufacturer by reducing shipping and storage costs.

Consumers will in turn benefit from this because the manufacturing company can pass the pieces of furniture down with less expensive prices. The whole idea of flat pack furniture is credited to the innovative mind of one Swedish furniture designer named Gillis Lundgren who accomplished this fete working for his employer, Swedish furniture giant. Since the manufacture of the first piece of furniture in the series in the 1950s, a lot of changes have occurred in the industry since new companies have also venture into the field. In addition to this, new technologies have emerged meaning that the type of material at the disposal of the manufacturer also has varied greatly.

Therefore, when buying your pieces of flat pack furniture, it is important that you take into consideration these factors that cannot be easily ruled off. Some companies use high quality materials, creating furniture which is meant to last and be attractive. Others use cheaper materials, catering to a demand for low-cost furnishings which may be serviceable without looking nice. This means that there is always a product for you no matter the size of your wallet.

Another very important fact to consider is the construction techniques used .Flat pack furniture may or may not break down easily once it has been assembled. In some cases, the furniture is designed to be taken apart again in the event of a move while in other instances, more solid connections are used to ensure that the furniture does not break. These connections however make it impossible to take the furniture apart again. When purchasing a piece, you may want to consider this, especially if you are a frequent mover.

Having established the fact that you can almost expect the same versatility from this type of furniture, almost similar to that delivered by normal solid wood pieces, it would be a good idea to cleverly choose the pieces you purchase for your apartment in case you might move in future to avoid the pain of having to sell your bulky furniture or pay more to move it.

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