Growing a Garden Vetically

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Nov 30 2012

In many people's minds, a garden is something that you just cannot have unless you live in your own detached house. Without any question, you can't just grow a garden the usual way if you live in an apartment on the fourth floor. Well, a lot of creative people of put a lot of thought into this. And today, you can easily buy everything that you need to grow a garden no matter where you live.

Growing a garden vertically is all the rage now. The New York Times even did a piece about this couple of years ago. You just have to buy the hardware needed to hang pots, trays and baskets vertically on a wall, and you can have a garden really soon. Find the right spots in your house that get the right amount of sunshine, and you could practically grow anything – tomatoes, kitchen herbs and so on.

If you're just starting out growing a garden vertically, you should probably start out with herbs first – basil, parsley and so on.

Finding the right location in your house is of the utmost importance. You want to put your pots near a window that gets light – probably, a south facing window or one that faces west would be best.

You can't just keep your pots in one place though. If you do that, the plants will start to grow in the direction the sun is in. The plants will grow at an angle and in an unmanageable way. If you want your plants to grow nice and straight, keep them confused. Rotate your pots around so that they can't really predict which direction the sun comes in from.

Most herbs come in compact varieties. And they do great in gardens. In particular, by most accounts, basil and parsley are the best to start on. You could even go with mint. In fact, mint does very well in pots because if they have a lot of room – as in a natural garden – they tend to really spread. They can become quite unmanageable. Indoors in a pot, they can completely keep to their prescribed limits, and all these plants can end up smelling wonderful.

For the most part, the worst mistake people make growing herbs indoors is merely this – they water these plants too much. In general, you don't want to water your plants all the time. If the top 1 inch of the soil is dry, that's the only time you should.

You will do very well growing your garden indoors, if you choose the right kind of plants. If you're not going with an edible garden, try dogwood or jasmine or fern. Jasmine especially, can be so fragrant.

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