Grout Cleaning Products

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Nov 30 2012

Cleaning your home is a lot of work, as you know, but there are some things that get left out no matter how much time you spend cleaning. Vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting, and scrubbing fixtures and appliances are often the most important things you focus on, but some things can really make your house look dirty no matter how much you clean the rest of it. These small things are often ignored until they are in really bad shape. One of these things is grout around various things in your home. This is in between flooring tiles, and usually a part of any bathroom. Get good grout cleaning products to keep things sparkling.

Grout is usually white, but not always. Some grout can be put in with great colors to go with the tile it holds in place. White is most common though, so you can imagine how ignoring this white, porous substance can be a problem in your home. No matter how well you scrub your tiles and how much they shine, your floors, walls, bath, and shower are not going to look good. Something is going to be off. If you get the right grout cleaning products, you can have a truly amazing and clean bathroom or floor in your home that won't detract from your d├ęcor.

The best grout cleaning products should be easy to use and should work quickly. How well they work also depends on how long you have neglected your grout. At times, a good floor cleaner will also clean the grout, but there is always a time when you are going to get something special. You may find that a floor cleaner with bleach works, but not if you have colored grout that is not protected. You could get something like Soft Scrub, but remember this too may contain bleach and should not be used on colored grout.

There are those that will find grout cleaning products that are made just for your grout. You can find something for colored grout as well as for white. If you do not want to buy something special, you can use the above mentioned Soft Scrub and you can also use Comet. You have to be careful that using such a product, remember that they have an abrasive quality about them. If you have delicate tile, you have to be very careful that you are not scratching up your tile while trying to get your grout clean and white again.

An old toothbrush is often a great way to apply grout cleaning products. Many tiles are laid so that there is about a fingertip width between them that is then filled with grout. If this is what you have, a toothbrush is the perfect tool to get in where you need to go to get your grout clean. Keep a bucket of water and a soft sponge with you to rinse away your cleaning product as you go. If your grout is smaller in width, you may need to use a scrub brush to get a larger area, just rinse as you go to make sure you are not missing anything.

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