Getting a Home Craft Business Off the Ground

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Jul 04 2011

To creative types, having to sit still and not make beautiful expressive art all the time is a certain kind of suffering. If making art is a given, what could possibly be wrong with making a few dollars on the side out of it with a home craft business? For any creative type who wants to experience selling their art without the bother of finding buyers at craft shows and shops, there are many ways to smell out buyers right from home. It can be a wonderfully convenient way for mothers at home to try their hand at something that could be financially profitable. All they will need is a pipeline to the Internet and a willingness to work hard.

The first thing to understand about a home craft business is the fact that it's a real business, where the commercial side of it all it needs taking seriously. One does need to put in the hard work needed to find a customer base and cater to it. The best way to be successful on the Internet, selling art, would be to find a profitable niche to cater to, making something offbeat, but important to a certain small market. Catering to a niche does not mean pandering to it. It means usually that you can sniff out something unique that the market would really appreciate that it wasn't getting out of any other source. A little research done on the Internet could easily call up a few kinds of art that the market has an appetite for that wasn't being catered to.

Once an artist has a niche all figured out for a home craft business that she knows she is talented in, she can get down to the business of building a body of work with several examples of her crafts, to be able to offer customers enough choice. Two of the best places on the Internet to sell your crafts at are Etsy and eBay. For artists and creative people, eBay has long been a forum for great exposure and Internet commerce. Etsy though, is an Internet forum dedicated entirely to trade in arts and crafts. When people search on Google for places to browse for unique arts and crafts, pages on eBay and Etsy routinely show up high in the search rankings.

Once you begin to do well on a community website like eBay or Etsy, the next step to taking your success forward would be to start your own Internet shop on your own business website. With such a route taken, there is a great deal of credibility to be gained and a choice in better prices charged. After being spoiled by the easy search engine performance that a listing on eBay guarantees though, the trouble it usually is having one's own website ranked consistently high can be a little disappointing. But when done correctly, a business website for home-made crafts can boost the standing of an artist like no other move can. And when this happens, a steady and dependable income can begin to really finally materialize.

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