Finding Your Way Around All the Different Online Nursing Courses

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Dec 07 2012

Online nursing courses can be a great idea. No matter what kind of nursing it is that you plan to do, qualifying yourself this field is always a great career move. The healthcare industry is booming, nursing is in demand, and even the most basic nursing qualification – that of a licensed practical nurse – pays $35,000 a year starting out.

Most people though, aim to qualify as registered nurse – a job that practically holds up the healthcare field today as we know it.

Registered nurses can work at such a wide variety of responsibilities – from taking care of patients and helping them with their day-to-day needs, to working as surgical assistants and research assistants.

So okay, all of this sounds very agreeable to you. How do you go about making because of all the online nursing courses there are, so that you can become a proper registered nurse?

Now you could take one of three different paths to the same destination as a fully qualified registered nurse.

The most direct and straightforward one of course, would be to qualify with a bachelor of science degree in nursing. These online nursing courses take four years, just as any bachelor's degree would, and they give you a great start at your career. And of course, once you get your degree, you can quickly enroll in a master of science in nursing program for better specialization and even better job opportunities.

Of course, online nursing courses that lead to bachelor's degrees can be expensive; not to mention, they take four years. Often, online nursing courses that offer you an associate degree or an LPN qualification are a better idea.

You just need to qualify as an ADN or an LPN, and you can right away take an online bridge program that puts you on a path to a proper bachelor's degree in nursing.

Many people love the bridge program path. Because a lower level nursing qualification is easier and cheaper to get, and it still gets them a good job that pays at least $30,000 a year. Once there at a job, they can take advantage of their employer's continuing education grant, and study online on an easy loan.

Since online nursing courses are easy to take even when you do have a full-time job to think about, taking this path can make a lot of sense.

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