Creative Ways of Snagging Deals on Cheap Kitchen Appliances

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Oct 18 2010

Have you had enough of that leaky washing machine that even the repairman seems to be sick of? Is that cruddy old dishwasher making racket enough that you can tell your two-year old that there's a goblin in the kitchen that will come up if she doesn't go to bed pronto? It's likely that you're wondering about getting a nice new replacement the next time you get a tax refund or a bonus. But there's a chance that your bonus check could make you feel rich enough that you wouldn't really want to shop around for the lowest prices. That would be a mistake though. Cheap kitchen appliances these days aren't actually low quality. If you know where to look, and what to buy, there are bargains aplenty to be had. Check out these great tips that I've collected over the years, for a more rewarding shopping experience.

Now most shopping gurus will tell you that September and October, are the best monthsto go looking for great finds in cheap kitchen appliances. Yes, the time you choose to buy really matters; but if you can't possibly wait for months, there are other times of the year too - the Fourth of July or Christmas, or sometimes even the time around Mother's Day or Memorial Day - when the major retailers will offer great sales. If you shop around and wave the offers you have from the other shops, you sure are to snag a great price.

Have you ever bought a great new appliance, say, a handsome side-by-side fridge with a great glossy paint finish, and tiptoed around it for the next year to make sure that you didn't accidentally put a ding on it? And how many times have you actually seen someone put a ding on it in spite of all the care? It's really difficult to keep children in line these days, and it's bound to happen sooner rather than later. The thing is, stores have scratched and otherwise cosmetically damaged stuff too, and they'll often give it away for about 20% less. Of course, you need to do a little legwork to find where the deals are; many stores don't actually advertise anything in the matter; and others will advertise it, but when you dig in deeper, you'll find that what their offer isn't really a deal. So what you need to do is find out the best price you can get on something you like, and then make a separate trip to actually see what they offer you for scratched merchandise. You can find some really cheap kitchen appliances this way; I love a bargain like this.

The warehouse retailers often have great sales in cheap kitchen appliances, even if they don't have any price matches. Try club websites and consider using coupons for free shipping. If you happen to see that one of the big box retailers is closing down for a remodel, that's cause for rejoicing. They'll have all their stocks up for sale, and you can snag some great deals in cheap kitchen appliances and everything else this way. You can find great deals from retailers closing down for renovation on Craigslist too. Search for advertisements by dealers; and realtors who sell furnished homes will often put up great stuff from a home that is stocked up with stuff a wealthy new buyer doesn't want.

Basically, you're looking for a creative way to knock prices down. You'll be surprised how often you succeed; and you will respect yourself a whole lot more for it.

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