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Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Oct 11 2010

A collection of contemporary jewelry takes you everywhere on the fashion scene!

Most women love jewelry. The size of a woman's jewelry collection often depends entirely on how much she can afford. Not many of us have an extensive selection of gold and diamonds. While some gold and diamond jewelry might be classified as contemporary jewelry, your pocketbook is shrieking in your purse at the price tags! However, there are plenty of contemporary pieces that fall into the category of costume jewelry, that's so attractive and is priced right, so that you can afford to buy quantities sufficient to enhance your entire wardrobe. Many designers who specialize in contemporary designs in their jewelry don't use precious gems, but do employ semi-precious gems in their designs. Instead of using gold or silver, the artist may opt for other materials, such as Lucite, aluminum or plastics, to keep the cost down while providing a chic, trendy piece that works with all but the most formal dress occasions.

During summer and fall, most communities have street fairs, where a variety of vendors offer items of clothing, T-shirts, hats, paintings and – contemporary jewelry. Such jewelry may be unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, as most jewelry artisans make each piece by hand. Cruising the street fairs is a great way to build up a contemporary costume jewelry collection, often at great prices.

Another way to search out your jewelry, and, get a good handle on the styles you like most, is to go online. Conduct a Google image search. Let's say you're looking for Lucite bangle bracelets in a certain color. You'll find more results than you could follow in a single day. Another trick to finding good prices on contemporary jewelry on the net: the jeweler listed on page 10 of your search results may not be getting a lot of traffic, ya think? At the same time, they might have some delicious designs – and a few sales going!

Another good resource for contemporary jewelry, at an economical price, are the thrift stores. These shops are fun to browse in and you'll find contemporary and retro styles of jewelry to fill out your collection. Don't be surprised if you manage to pick up several great pieces for less than $20! Now that's a profitable shopping trip! Cruise around to all the thrift shops in town. Each will vary slightly in the styles they normally carry. One shop may carry estate-type jewelry almost exclusively, while another has lots of retro and yet another focuses on costume jewelry of contemporary design. You're sure to find plenty of stunning choices.

Don't neglect to check out auction sites, such as Ebay for some of the more unusual and ethnic jewelry. Put in your bid and watch the board carefully – you'll have to outbid the highest bidder before the sale expires.

Contemporary jewelry can be your new best friend in accessories at great prices. Wow, what a collection you can build!

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