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Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Nov 05 2010

Need college dating advice? Take our family and friends survey...

It's an exciting time in your life. Now that you're out of high school and off to college, you'll experience lots of changes in your life. No one nagging you about homework, how much time you spend at the mirror, running commentaries on your friends – in short, you're pretty much on you own when it comes to making the everyday decisions on how you spend your time and with whom. Of course, this new freedom can be a little scary too – it's now mostly all up to you. In high school, you were probably deluged with dating advice, mostly from Mom and Dad. Now you may need college dating advice. Where do you turn?

One thing you've probably learned by now is that when it comes to advice on any subject, there's certainly no shortage. Everyone has an opinion on everything and they're more than willing to share with you

Before you rush out and get more opinions and advice than you want, take our family and friends survey, for an imaginary summary of what you'd hear if you did ask you usual consultants. You'll then find that your parents did succeed in teaching you good judgment. Your best college dating advice is right in your own mind!

Let's start our 'advice tour' with Mom. She usually has the most to say on the subject. "Don't stay out too late. Don't neglect your homework. Character is more important than good looks. Don't get into drugs or alcohol. Don't drink and drive. (Then, again -) Don't neglect your homework." Okay, good enough.

Now, what's Dad's take on college dating? Pretty much what Mom had to say, plus a couple of variations: "Don't let a good looker turn your head. Don't speed while driving – your insurance will go up"

If you've got older siblings, what might they offer in the way of college dating advice? (Keep in mind that you probably view them as more 'in the groove' than good old Mom and Dad.) "Don't be in a hurry to date one person exclusively. You could end up married too young, with your college education a forgotten dream." Your siblings might echo some of Mom and Dad's dating advice, but expressing it with cooler verbiage.

What about your friends? Their advice might sound a lot like your older siblings, except perhaps not as bossy. Teachers? There, you're also guaranteed to hear advice with a heavy emphasis on education, no surprise. Co-workers? Your cousins? See 'older siblings'.

Have we left anyone out of our college dating advice tour? Younger siblings:" "Make sure your date is cool, has cool clothes and is hot looking!"

So, there you have the consensus of all the college dating advice you can use – and more. See? You had the answers all the time.

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