Clearing the Common Misconceptions on Carbonized Bamboo Flooring

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Dec 09 2012

Bamboo is one very versatile material that can be used in many different and constructive ways without worrying of its depletion in the ecosystem since it is a very fast growing plant. Its uses range from flooring to deck building and in all these tasks it is treated and cultured in a different way to ensure that it is fully adapted to the task. One such final bamboo product is the carbonized bamboo flooring.

Before you jump into a store and buying yourself this type of bamboo flooring, it is very crucial that you fully understand all there is to know about the flooring. One very common misconception about this flooring is the suggested belief that it is a very hard product due to the carbonization. This is however not the fact since the process only changes bamboos color.

In its natural state, bamboo is known to have a light color similar to straw. This might not be welcome to some home owners. Such people might opt to choose on carbonized bamboo flooring since it has a darker richer color. The degree of darkness can altered during the treatment period to suite different customer preferences.

One very important fact that you should have in mind when buying carbonized bamboo is that the product is approximately 1/3 times softer that conventional bamboo that has not been carbonated. However, this should not worry you too much since the surface of the product is treated with a finishing product that will help simulate the original versatility of the product.

A common misconception about carbonized bamboo flooring is that which takes the product to be just like any other stain treated surface. This is not the case since the process is a heat intensive one that involves steaming or boiling that works to deeply on the very sugars of the bamboo so as to create the dark color change. The process can be equated to the process of sugar carmelization.

This therefore means that proper and deep deliberations have to be made before choosing on this type of flooring. Do not just do it because of the fancy name and the notion that it is more versatile. The only reason that should make you go for this product is the color choice. It will be in order to choose carbonized bamboo if your d├ęcor does not accommodate the light straw like color.

Generally, due to the extra treatment procedure that is subjected to the raw bamboo so as to obtain carbonized bamboo flooring, it is slightly more expensive per square foot than the normal product. Knowing that you are paying more for color and refurbished versatility should be very bold in your mind as you choose the type of bamboo flooring to take home.

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