Choosing Among the Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner Models on the Market

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: May 01 2011

The canister vacuum cleaner is one of the most functional machine types you can find to clean any kind of surface with - stairs, carpets, drapes, hardwood floors, you name it. If there is one kind of surface that canister types aren't that useful on though, it has to be wall-to-wall carpets. Any model you buy is bound to come with a full complement of attachments and hoses for the most reach and access. Let's look at some of the best canister vacuum cleaner models there are the market right now that you could not go wrong choosing from.

The Sanyo Powerboy weighs in quite light at no more than 7 pounds, but it comes driven by a pretty powerful 10 amp motor. The air-driven brush is likely to be effective on both carpets and hardwood floors, and the dirt collects in disposable paper bags or in reusable cloth bags. A feature that the Bissell DigiPro gets top billing for is its ability to adapt the kind of suction power it puts out, all by itself. It comes with its own power brush, and the dirt it sucks in doesn't make its way out into the air, thanks to the vacuum's HEPA filter system.

You cannot go wrong with the Hoover Wind Tunnel one of the best canister vacuum cleaner models on the market. This full-sized machine puts out man-sized suction through a hose that's 6 feet long, and a powered hand tool. If you have been disappointed by the edge cleaning abilities of other machines, you'll be pleasantly surprised with what this Hoover has to offer.

In a market where each machine has to offer something unique, the Miele Plus Compact Canister offers both easy portability in a compact size, and filtration ability that is second to none. Certainly, the Miele Plus is more expensive than most models, but it's worth it for the money they ask. The suction power the machine puts out his pretty amazing, and any family with allergy problems would feel right at home with this model.

For those in the budget, the cheap and cheerful Eureka Mighty Mite is one of the best canister vacuum cleaner choices you have. It's right at home on both hardwood floors and carpets. For homes with a bit more space, but with noise restrictions, the General Electric canister vacuum can be a great buy. For homes with lots of carpets, and again with noise restrictions, the Electrolux Harmony with its HEPA filter can be great. It puts out little or no noise, and the filter lasts a lifetime.

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