Choosing A Good Vacuum Cleaner

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Feb 15 2011

It would seem that choosing something to clean your home would be simple enough. You want cleaners that actually work, and other items to apply those cleaners that are going to make your life easier and take away some of the pain of having to scrub everything all of the time. Vacuum cleaners are often used in homes with or without carpet, as they are good for hardwood flooring as well as any other type. They can save a lot of work if you get the right one. You just have to decide if you know what you need or not.

All vacuum cleaners work in the same basic way. They pull air through a small opening that should also pull up any dirt and other small debris that is near the opening. The problem after that is how well the cleaner really works and how the dirt is then stored or contained before disposal. Some vacuum cleaners work well for all types of dirt, but some only pull up items that are loose, making pet hair and human hair, along with anything else that may catch in a carpet, hard to pick up, if they can be picked up at all. Look for something with strong suction, but do not stop your search there.

You also want something that has a beater bar. This is something that usually rotates near the opening and may have a type of brush attached. Beater bars will pull up hair and other times so that they can then be pulled into the machine by the suction in the vacuum cleaner. If you have a lot of hardwood floors, you want something with a beater bar can be turned off or replaced with a head that does not have one, as they are only good for carpet. A beater bar on a vacuum cleaner can serious damage a hardwood or vinyl floor.

You also have to think about the dirt storage in your new vacuum cleaner. Some use bags to hold the dirt, but which can also be messy. The bags are something you are going to have to purchase quite often, and something you are going to have to change on your own. Some are easy and some are hard, so find out about the bag before you buy. Some type of vacuum cleaner come with a bin or container that collects the dirt, which you would have to empty as well. These can be messy if you get the wrong one. Some use water as a collection unit as an alternative.

There are some brands of vacuum cleaner that are lighter than other brands, some that come with long warranties, and some that do things other than just dry clean your carpets. What you have to decide is what features or qualities are important to you and what you can live without. Those with allergies may want a vacuum cleaner with special filters, and those with no carpets may go with a simple cleaner under forty dollars. It is all about your needs and what you need to clean your home. Buying a vacuum does not have to be an epic journey, but it should be an informed decision.

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