Africa - A New Economic Frontier - Part 2

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Leadership and governance in Africa have at times been a concern for potential investors. Despite these concerns, Africa's resilience and growth dynamic have... Share and Enjoy

Making beewax candles at BeeDazzled

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how to make hand dipped beeswax candles with Sharon Jones at Beedazzled in Benzonia, Michigan. Share and Enjoy

Beeswax Candle Wick Making

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Here you see how bees wax gets melted in a double boiler and a cotton wick gets dipped into the wax to make a candle wick. Share and Enjoy

Big Dipper - Handcrafted Beeswax Candles

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http://www.thegrommet.com/big-dipper-wax-works-hand-crafted-beeswax-candles The Grommet team discovers Big Dipper Candles. These 100% beeswax candles are scu... Share and Enjoy

Colourful twist on a beeswax candle from candlemaking.com.au

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This is one of the easiest ways to make a candle. However this time we have added a twist of colours scrolling around as you roll it. Using pure beeswax shee... Share and Enjoy