Making beewax candles at BeeDazzled

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how to make hand dipped beeswax candles with Sharon Jones at Beedazzled in Benzonia, Michigan. Share and Enjoy

Colourful twist on a beeswax candle from candlemaking.com.au

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This is one of the easiest ways to make a candle. However this time we have added a twist of colours scrolling around as you roll it. Using pure beeswax shee... Share and Enjoy

Guitar Lessons Open Chord Movements In "A"

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Guitar Lessons - When playing guitar it is not unusual to strum a chain of chords in sequence, one following another, based on the song you're playing. And although it is important, particularly for a beginning guitarist, to become comfortable with shifting from...

Playing Guitar In The Pocket - Easy Steps

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When playing in a band, group or combo scenario there's a term you'll frequently hear called "in the pocket". And no..."in the pocket" doesn't reference a spot to set both hands while on a show! In uncomplicated terms, as soon as a group is playing "in the pocket",...

Abstract Art Paintings Laid Bare

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Abstract art paintings baffle quite a number of people and it is not a strange sight to see a person staring at an abstract art painting vacantly with no clue of its expression. Abstract paintings are pieces that basically seek to bring something different to the...