Can Going to a Weight Loss Boot Camp Really Work

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Dec 01 2012

Why do they call it weight loss "boot camp"? Is there a cruel and unfeeling instructor there who "owns you", who screams in your face that you have two choices – to either give him 50 push-ups or die?

Here's the surprising thing – while weight loss boot camp does work, never do they use military boot camp-like techniques. They are not strict and military-like at all. There are two things that make these places of work. The first is that you have an actual trainer who works with you several hours a day, to make sure that you do the right exercises with the proper form. And they won't let you give up.

The other reason that weight loss boot camp works, comes from the fact the entire course at these places is structured in a way that you just won't wish to give up. You'll keep going on because there are all your fellow boot camp members who are working very hard too. With everyone rooting for you, you just can't give up. Tough professional supervision put together with the loyalty to the group, both together, make sure that weight loss boot camp really does work.

Most weight loss boot camps are simply places you head to for a few hours three to four times a week. You get there, and you spend maybe five or six hours exercising with your group doing push-ups, aerobics, cardiovascular exercises, strength training, flexibility training and so on. And then, you go home until you next session comes around a couple of days later.

But those are for people who don't usually have terribly stubborn weight-related problems. When the conventional approach doesn't seem to work, sometimes, a residential weight loss boot camp is the only thing that you can turn to. No, these aren't anything like a military barracks. Instead, they are nicely done hotel-like places, where they can pay attention to every part of your life to make sure that you don't lose your way as you try to lose weight.

They mind your diet, they make sure that you do all the exercises they ask you to, and any entertainment that you get is healthy stuff – there's nothing like vegging out in front of the TV over here. Which, if you think about it, is an important reason why people get obese in the first place.

You end up losing about half a pound a day at the good weight loss boot camps. While working out very hard. It's the best way to go about it.

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