Buying a Watch Finally

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Dec 02 2012

Men don't accessorize all that much. But whatever they do accessorize with, they need to pay attention to. Since there are just a couple of things that they accessorize with, these things really tend to stand out. The watch happens to be one of the most important areas of accessorization for a man. Unfortunately, often, buying a watch isn't really something that's on the top of any man's list.

And it can be a mistake. Wearing an unimpressive watch can actually take away from the great suit and the great haircut.

Most men will listen to this and claim that they have a good watch. They do not see anything wrong with what they have. How are they supposed to know that it is about time to upgrade? How do you pick up these warning signs that maybe it is time?

Well, let us look at a few signs, shall we?

A lot of the time, men will hang on to a watch just because it's always been there. They probably got it 10 years ago as a graduation present or something, and they see no reason to upgrade. It does tell time very well.

A graduation present certainly is a precious thing. But it should not be dragging your image down 10 years later. It could be something you keep and wear at special, personal times. it shouldn't be on your wrist on a special date or a special interview. If this is you, you should be buying a watch right about now.

Having a graduation present watch on your wrist is at least better than having no watch at all though. Since cellphones tell the time very well, a lot of men don't even bother with buying a watch anymore. They just go watchless.

A well thought-out watch can make great amount of difference to any dignified attire. If you have a great suit on and you are going to an important meeting, you have to realize to have both wrists showing with no watch on will considerably drag down on your image.

Sometimes, to go watchless could be considered a completely desirable option compared to doing something like wearing a Nintendo watch. No, we're not kidding. There are grown-up, adult men with fully adult lives who still wear these sometimes because it reminds them of all the fun times they used to have in elementary school. Needless to say...

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