Are those Light Switch Covers or Little Works of Art

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Dec 03 2012

When you try to look up how you might decorate a room for a better and fresher look in very little money, the ideas that you come by are usually about finding little things to change around that might have a big effect. If you are interested in updating the look of a room, it could be a great idea to simply change the lights, for instance. Since light has this quality that it can bathe an entire space in a certain color and a certain character, that one little change can have an effect on your entire room. Not every little inexpensive change that you make can have such a huge effect, though; but do enough of them together, and you may soon find that your room looks entirely different. What kind of things are we talking about here? A new rug, and perhaps a ceiling fan, painting a wall a new color, and new light switch covers?

But hold on, you're saying – light switch covers? Whoever looks at those? Well, exactly.

The whole focus of finding a cheap and effective way to update the look of a room, is usually to take up things that people take for granted, and doing something about those. And there is practically no more overlooked a thing in any room that you could take up to pay attention to, than those light switch covers – those bare white plastic plates that surround every switch.

Now it shouldn't really come as a surprise that those light switch covers could be the target of a room makeover attempt. Especially since home-improvement stores typically stock thousands of these in plenty of eye-catching designs. It's just that people only ever think of light switch covers when they build fresh. They don't ever think of them as makeover material. People may think of lighting fixtures that way, or rugs or carpets or drapes. Those humble light switch covers are just utilitarian things, they feel. Certainly, you could get something decorative if you were building afresh; why would you get new ones afterwards?

To begin with, those cover plates are little spaces that could carry some beautiful colors and patterns. If you want to go even further, you could find covers that come with beautiful paintings printed on them, or you could go on a website like Etsy and get custom-made works of art from artists. No one expects little works of art on light switch covers. This is something that could really set you apart.

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