A Re-Employment Center Could be Your Best Bet as You Try to Find a Job

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Dec 09 2012

If you're without a job right now, you may be irked to hear about the new rules in place that require that you have to prove you're looking for a job while you receive those unemployment checks. The proof they require is that you should visit a re-employment center in person on a regular basis if you are to receive any unemployment benefits. But really, it isn't anything to be annoyed over. The visits to a re-employment center can be a great way to find a job.

There are about 6 million people in America now who haven't had up a job in six months. That's a pretty grim statistic. For anyone who needs to find a job though, they have plenty of stuff going on at any re-employment center, that can really help. They have free job training, and all the jobseeking tools that you may need. Let's take a look.

Now when you go and make an appointment at the job center, they'll assign you an agent who will assist you in finding out how qualified you are for the job you aim for, and what you may do to better improve your chances. They'll look at your resume, talk to you about your experience, and find out how realistic your expectations are. They'll have an expert sit in, and give you pointers on how you might improve that resume. This is a very useful thing. Resume requirements change on a regular basis. They haven't been in touch with the job market for some time, it's likely that they haven't kept in touch. You can't leave anything to chance at a time like this when the job market is as difficult as it is.

Job seekers often find that they are often left behind in their quest for a job, owing to their limited access to jobseeking resources. At home, they just have the Internet, newspapers and maybe a few leads and tips from friends. Career centers on the other hand have full-fledged jobs databases. These can be better than all of the above put together. Let's not forget either that they offer job fairs from time to time here and they also offer you the chance to network.

Not only do you have the agents themselves who keep in touch with local companies, they also have local HR department staff come down from time to time to give talks. It's a great way to meet the people who will employ you, to come to a place like this.

But all of these are pretty passive, considering what you really need to do to get a job in a fiercely competitive job market. That's where those training workshops and skill courses come in. Many career centers actually offer these. Their skill courses will help you brush up on a few skills or maybe learn a few new ones – training on the latest version of Microsoft office and so on. And they'll also offer workshops on things like how to ace an interview or how to edit a resume.

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