A Candle of the Month Club Membership Can Make for a Special Gift Indeed

Posted by Mr. Hachis | On: Dec 09 2012

Women love scented candles. Especially women who love decorating their homes. If you have such a woman in your life to buy a gift for, you could scarcely do better than getting her a subscription to the candle of the month club.

Now as beautiful a gift as this can be, you have to be careful to not give it to someone you're not supposed to give it to. Scented candles happen to comes with romantic connotations. People think of a gift of scented candles as a romantic thing right away. This isn't a gift you give to anyone you're not planning on sending romantic signals to.

A regular gift of a set of candles can be very nice of course, but people have this thing about burning a gift – even if it's a candle that's meant to be burned. Since these are romantic gifts usually, they just keep those candles forever. They just never get around to using them. Which is where a candle the month club comes in. When there are candles coming in every month, and they are all from the same person, one wouldn't really be that reluctant to light a couple. These can be a great gift.

Candle of the month clubs will often try to mix it up when they send their candles out, to deliver a fresh experience each time. They'll send out candles of different scents, spices and candles for different purposes. They'll send out candles that go well with different kinds of decor, ones that go in different parts of the house, and so on.

As much as people love their scented candles, they do dislike the fact that regular candles burn petroleum-based paraffin wax. That's hardly the kind of fumes you want hanging around your house. And so, they prefer healthier and more wholesome soy-based candles. The Soy Candle of the Month Club would be a great choice here. These are eco-friendly, they are better for your indoors atmosphere, and they come in the best fragrances – strawberry, apple and so on.

The Amazing Candle Club is a more conventional place to head to for candles. They specialize in imported scented candles that are guaranteed to burn very slowly. If the person you're buying the gift for really treats her interest in candles as a kind of hobby, they'll probably love the newsletter that comes with each subscription too.

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